Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Fitness & Workout: How To Get a Great Looking Butt.

Getting a great looking butt is something both sexes can benefit greatly from with the right workout plans targeting that area. Obviously, you either care about the way your butt looks or you want to improve your whole body in general.

With workout plans that are effective and target your butt, you taking care of both because by targeting your glutes, you will effect the strength, stability, and improvement on other body parts and exercises.

It actually doesn’t take long to improve your butt, as long as you do what works, and do it consistently enough to start seeing some fast results.  Here you can learn the best workout plans to get a great looking butt starting now.

How Often Should I Workout My Butt?

•Aim to to do a quick, challenging workout twice a week, once during a leg workout and once on it’s own or with an ab day.

•On the days you work your butt, aim to do incline walking whether it be stairs, incline treadmill, or walking a steep hill, this will assure you finish your workout plans off daily targeting your glutes in all ways.

What Are Workout Plans that Have The Best Butt Exercises? This one, here is a picture from doing my butt for a shoot with a NYC photographer. I was always known to have not much of a butt, so before the pic, I did these workout to be ready for it. Big difference compared to a flat nothing.Is my goal ever to have the nicest butt? Not really, but I know how to improve it fast, and I know that alot of people do want to have a double take butt., or already have one lol.

* Glute or Butt Exercises To Start Using Twice a Week Now:

•Lay on your back with palms on the floor. Knees up high and feet on the floor. Lift your butt up off the floor to the top and hold for a few seconds. Then release back down and repeat for 20 reps, do 4 sets with about 30 second breaks in between.

•Step up lunges- Use your body weight or a couple dumbbells and step up to a weight bench or something sturdy. Do 5 for each leg and switch. Do 5 sets of 5 for each leg.

•Donkey kicks-Get on your hands and knees, while keeping one knee down, release the other leg straight up and back slowly like you were doing a donkey kick.

•Do 15 for each leg and then take 30 seconds of rest. Repeat for 3 sets.Do an extreme incline cardio session of 30, 45, or 60 minutes. Better results for longer sessions. Try each one or rotate between them. Set the incline to max incline and walk slowly and increase the speed as you can finish the time. This will assure your glute or butt muscles will be finished off after the workouts.

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